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What to see in the Argolida & Argosaronic Islands

The Argolida is probably most famous for the important archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidavros but there are also many places of interest that are relatively unknown. A visit to the Natural History Museum of Ligourio on the way to Epidavros or a visit to the wonderful twin chasms of Didyma for geological or natural phonomenon enthusiasts are great days out.


The church of Kefalari with its beautiful lake mirroring its image and close by the Pyramid of Ellinikon which was built before the famous pyramids of Egypt.


Nemea is world famous as a very successful wine producing area which exports worldwide. We can arrange for groups to attend wine tastings should they wish and we would also recommend the "Wine roads" of Nemea for a pleasant trip out. The archaeological site of Nemea has been excavated privately and the stadium is very well conserved, the museum completes the picture for another amazing cultural experience.


The theatre of Epidavros is a must for visitors to the area, its unique acoustics are unbelievable and it seats 16,000 people where, during the summer months one can attend musical productions and 2000 year old tragedies. The museum houses many artifacts found in the area where Asclepios came from.


The ancient city of Mycenae was the strongest and most prominent city of ancient times and the name of the city describes a whole era. Situated on top of a hill we would recommend that your visit to Mycenae be early morning during the summer or when the weather is not so hot. Tiryntha, between Nafplion and Argos is the home of the site of Ancient Tiryns where there was a palace that was also built during or even before the Mycenaean times and the Cyclopean walls and ruins of the palace and tunnels still remain.


Take a cruise from Tolo and visit the islands of Hydra, Spetses and Poros with a local company, daily trips run during the summer and prove to be very popular, relaxing days out.


If you would like any further information on excursions in the area, car hire or would like to organise a group tour please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help.




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