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Areas Local to Tolo - Places to Visit and other beaches

Tolo (Tolon) is close to many areas of interest and remarkable historical sites. At the end of the Tolo Sandy Beach, Kastraki, a small cove is found with Ancient Asini heading of the bay of Tolo. Ancient Asini is mentioned by Homer in both the Iliad and the Odyssey and was the port for Mycenae. It is a great place to walk to and from the top the view is amazing.


Following the coast around from Asini one passes through the village of Drepano and Plaka beach, Vivari with its fish tavernas and sheltered cove ideal for mooring, Candia and Iria. Rock climbing is frequently practiced at Vivari and the routes are varied catering to every level.


The beautiful city of Nafplion is just down the road (10kms) and has a wonderful combination of history and modern sites to see. Just outside Nafplion is the site of Ancient Tiryns, mentioned in Homers books with its Cyclopean walls and palace ruins.


Argos is renowned to be the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe and as such attracts a lot of attention. The museum, ancient theatre and church in the towns central square are all well worth visiting as is the castle of Larissa which is situated on the mountain overlooking the city. Every Wednesday and Saturday a local market is held in the square selling everything from local produce, household goods, clothes and shoes.


Exploring the immediate area around either by foot, car or local bus can be both exciting and relaxing.




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