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Nafplion (Nafplio - Nauplio - Anapli - Nauplia)

The beautiful city of Nafplion is just down the road (10kms) and has a wonderful combination of history and modern sites to see.


The archaeological, folklore and military museums house a wealth of historic relics from the area and the Worry Bead Museum (the only of its kind in Greece) samples from all over the world and Nafplion has become famous in recent years for the many shops specialising in worry beads.


Nafplion was occupied by many nations including the Franks, the Venetians and the Ottoman Empire all of whom left their mark. The old town is magical with it narrow streets and overhanging balconies from the Venetians, the imposing Palamidi castle towering above the town and its bustling harbour lined with cafeterias and people of all ages.


The architecture is splendid, the town elegant and it is one of the most popular destinations in Greece for Greek tourists all year round.


The Nafplion beaches of Karathona and Arvanitia are well organised with bars, cafeterias, sun beds and umbrellas and particularly Karathona with its sheltered bay attracts sunworshippers from everywhere.



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