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Archaeological Sites and Places to Visit in the Peloponnese


The Peloponnese is a peninsula separated from the mainland of Greece only by the Corinth Canal and covers a wide expanse of area with every kind of scenery imaginable.


From the lush citrus groves of the Argolida to the impressive lines of grape vines in Korinthia, the sandy beaches all around the peninsula and the ragged coastline of the Mani. One is able to visit some of the most amazing caves of the world, ski during the winter months, study the birds of the area and spring is great for flora and fauna enthusiasts.


The Peloponnese has a rich history and this is backed up a wealth of archaeological sites which are world renowned, places such as Olympia, the home of the Olympic Games, Mystra and Sparta, Kalavrita with its rack & pinion railway travelling through a gorge and the rock of Monemvasia which is connected to the peninsula only by a causeway since an earthquake in 375 A.D.


Patras, third largest city in Greece is home to one of the major ports in Greece where ships dock from all over the world and it is just 2.5 hrs from Tolo.


The mountain of Mainalo has a well organised ski resort and during the winter months the population swells to double its normal figures due to skiers taking advantage of its slopes. It is adjacent to the city of Tripoli which sports an excellent shopping centre.


Korinthos at jsut 45 minutes from Tolo is another excellent day trip. It is possible to organise a cruise through the Canal itself and can be combined with a visit to the ruins of Ancient Corinth and to b high up on the hill above the city.


The Peloponnese has something for everyone, a wide variety of activities & places to see and b is an excellent base from which to explore.


Let us also mention, even though not in the Peloponnese that the capital of Greece, Athens is just a one and a half hour trip where one can see the Parthenon, archeological museum and many other interesting buildings and areas plus the so called "centre of the earth" Delphi takes around 3 hours from Tolo and is well worth the journey.




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